Your Angus Heifer In The Show Ring

     The goal with Your Angus Heifer in the Show Ring is to have her deliver the best performance and behavior possible.

     By the time you and your heifer enter the show ring for judging, you’ve both been training for several weeks for this very day. Hopefully you feel confident in how your heifer is leading on command and how she is posing for the judges. Here are some tips and techniques for you and your Angus heifer in the show ring.
Proper grooming of your heifer has already taken place, so she is looking her very best from her hair to her hooves. It’s just as important that you look polished as well. Clean, pressed clothing is a must. (Be sure to inquire about the guidelines prior the day of showing.) Gentlemen should have clean and brushed hair. Little ladies should have clean hair as well, with specific attention given to keeping it out of the way, or somehow tied back or up. Shoes or boots are preferred for several reasons, not the least important reason being the safety of your feet and toes should your heifer decide to step the wrong direction.

Your Angus Heifer In The Show Ring     Try to gauge your arrival at the show ring to be a few minutes prior to your showing time. In order to keep control of her, use your right hand through her halter to hold her steady. Fold the excess lead strap into 10-inch lengths and hold it in whichever hand is the most comfortable for you. The lead strap should not be over your shoulder or dragging on the ground.

     When it is time for you to enter the ring, enter in a clockwise direction. If the judge is inspecting your heifer, walk backwards slowly so he can observe her. Otherwise, walk forward without crowding or holding up the other heifers in the show ring. Keep one eye on the judge and the other on your heifer. When a judge asks you to stop, move into line and pose your heifer quickly and properly.

     Posing your heifer to show her best will depend on her conformation and breed. The most accepted pose for beef heifers is with her front feet together and the right rear leg positioned just slightly behind the left rear leg. If your heifer has recently given birth to a calf, position her right rear leg in front of the left rear leg so the judge can quickly view the heifer’s rear udder. The back should be straight across.

     A few other things to keep in mind when you are with your Angus heifer in the show ring include:

  • Never go between a judge and another animal being observed by the judge.
  • If you need to reposition your heifer, it is acceptable to lead her forward and around the end of the line and back into her spot. 
  • Don’t lose your temper with your heifer, no matter what she does in the show ring.
  • Block out distractions outside the show ring. Focus on your heifer and the judge.
  • Allow the judge full view of your heifer by not standing in between them.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your heifer.
  • Be a good loser and an even better, more gracious winner.
  • Always, always be courteous and kind to the other contestants.

     Don’t get discouraged if the first time with your Angus heifer in the show ring doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped. Practice does make perfect; for both of you. Keep trying!

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