How To See and Select A Fertile Bull

     When done correctly selecting the right Angus Bull for your breed management will contribute to more than fifty percent of the positive improvement in your beef cattle herd or negatively if done wrong. The herd bull in any given beef cattle herd is responsible for fifty percent of each years production. The selection of a herd bull is the worst possible place to economize when it comes to purchasing replacement animals. Put your pencil to it, if cows are $1500 and up and a good fertile bull can service at least 25 cows and do it for several years; does it sound like a good management decision to try to limit the amount to pay for a herd bull to the same $1500 or so price.

     In addition to not trying to economize you should also remember that prospective herd bulls should be evaluated for breeding soundness to see that they meet minimum standards both for physical condition and semen quality.

     "How To See and Select A Fertile Bull" is a good educational article written by Gearld Fry, Beef Cattle Consultant from Rosebud Arkansas. He tells you in words and then shows you in pictures. We believe it will give you some thought provoking ideas. Go to this Beef Cattle page and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did and I bet you see something different you can apply in your Angus Cattle selection process. 

No Name Cattle Co Angus Heifer
This nice heifer calls No Name Cattle Co home.

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Find Angus Cattle For Sale At No Name Cattle Co, Bells, Texas