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Without a doubt the most important cattle selection decision you will make as an Angus Cattle breeder is selecting the correct bull. Your herd bull will contribute at least 50% of the genetic makeup of your herd. And if you retain replacement heifers that one herd bull selection will still be influencing your herd production 10 years later. DO NOT try to economize when selecting a herd bull, it will be disastrous.

One of the first decisions you should make in relation to selecting a herd bull is establishing the goals for your own herd of Angus Cattle. You should evaluate your herd strengths and weaknesses and then try to select a bull that is capable of improving upon the needs for your herd. Not always an easy job but one that needs to be worked on. Avoid those Pie-In-The Sky sales pitches and use a realistic appraisal of your resources available to properly support your cow herd and the growth of your calves.

And from economical standpoint above all else remember to select cattle that will work for you within the environment and resources you have for them. DO NOT think in terms of changing your environment and resources to match your cattle selection.

If you will be producing bulls for the commercial cattleman you will need to think in terms of  three major categories of Angus Bulls, maternal bulls for use on heifers, maternal bulls for use on cows and terminal bulls for use on cows. You may have a need for one or all of these categories for your Angus breeding program. This decision is usually based on the goals of the owner/manager and the quality and quantity of feed resources provided by your ranch.

If your goal is to increase milk production you will need to factor in that high levels of milk production require more feed resources. By rule of thumb generally an increase of 5 lb. in milk production will increases energy requirements by 15%, protein requirements by 21% and mineral requirements like calcium and phosphorus by as up to about 37%.

If your goal is for larger Angus Cattle then factor in the requirements more feed. An increase in mature cow size from 1000 to 1200 pounds results in a 20% increase in the maintenance requirement. An increase in cow size from 1000 to 1500 pounds would require about 50%. DO NOT lose sight of cow efficiencey, it is much easier for a 1000 pound cow to produce a 500 pound weaning calf than it is for a 1500 pound cow to produce a 750 pound weaning calf.

Good Luck with your herd bull selection and please remember No Name Cattle Co wants to be your Angus Cattle supplier. Check out our Angus Cattle For Sale site.


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